Business Advice from Akio Morita


1.”Curiosity is the key to creativity”

2.There are three creativities
“The cretivity in technology,
in product planning,and in marketing.
To have any one of these without the others is self defeating in business.”

3.Don’t forget that the people you’re selling to are as egotistical as you are.

4.”Don’t be afraid to make mistake.But make sure you Don’t make the same mistake twice.”

5.”Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.
But make sure you Don;t make the same mistake twice.”

6.”It was my Intuition that convinced me the Walkman would be a great success..”

7.”Carefully watch how people live,get an intuitive sense as to what they might want and then go with it.”

8.”More people are interested in trying to shuffle paper assets around than building lasting assets by producing real goods.”


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